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Revolutionizing Online Shoe Shopping

Lace-Up helps you find the trendiest shoes, at the best price, from the most reliable sites. Through our innovative liking system, you can like the shoes you want, and see what other people are liking, viewing, and purchasing. See a shoe you want to buy, and don't want to waste time trying to find the right price? We got that covered with a price comparison between some of the most reliable online shoe retailers for each shoe! With Lace-Up, there's no more worrying about wasting your money trying to find the coolest shoes.

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Co-Founder & Partner

Co-Founder & Partner

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Co-Founder & Partner

This team of entrepreneurs has the passion and drive to start Lace-Up. They have one common goal: to turn a mere idea into a reality. 

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"I can vouch for these young men's intellect, their love for learning, and their ability to perform well as a team... Lace-Up has real potential for success in the marketplace."

Andrew Cantos, Founder of Gen3 Marketing

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